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Welcome to HS MASTERS

HS MASTERS is an innovative system supplier for state-of-the-art passenger
car comfort products for the automotive industry.

As an international market leader, we specialize in the research and development
of seat heater and steering wheel heaters, temperature controllers, cable technology, and automotive tuning.


  • Car Seat heaters & Ventilation system
  • Car Steering wheel heaters
  • Car Tuning part

HS MASTERS is the industry leader in the design, manufacture and total seat heater systems. Although heated seats have been in the market for several years now, cooled ventilated seats are of a more recent development.

HS MASTERS has developed systems that will provide the consumer with an ultimate seat comfort level. Our systems provide active cooling and heating.

Heated steering wheels are another innovation that has resulted from our ongoing research and development. Advantages of our heating elements include even distribution of heat and safe.

In all HS MASTERS comfort systems, our control modules are operating in order to monitor and regulate the temperatures according to the user’s preference and OEM specifications.

Innovation is our constant objective. By continually developing new products and processes, HS MASTERS is able to provide customized designs and solutions for every installation and manufacturing demand.