HS MASTERS Ventilation System

Our new seat ventilation system is the benchmark when it comes to delivering the driver and passengers with a quick and comfortable ventilation sensation by instantly removing the heat that can get trapped between the body and the seat in a warm vehicle - making driving a pleasure, even on the hottest of days.

System uses a 4-blower system embedded in the seat foam to push air from behind the seat through a perforated cover and to the driver or passenger.  A unique distribution layer and reticulated foam is used allowing a uniform flow of air around the occupant to reduce the heat build-up that commonly occurs during the hot summer months. The moisture removed between the body and the seating surface significantly increases comfort and the driving experience.

It's time to test Seat heater.

If you ask us for a sample, we will send it to you!!!

  1. Can be integrated with any type of seat comfort system including seat heating.
  2. High efficient systems pulling air from trim down through seat.
  3. Dual-zone cooling for the lower back and seating area.

Package Contents: 

1 set = 2 Mesh Sponge + 2 Air Sponge + 4 Cooling Fan +
1 LED switch(Option) + 1 Control Unit + Connecting Wire + Fuse(7.5A)

  • Condition : 100% New Item
  • Material: Polyester 
  • Color: White and Black.
  • Power rating: 12V DC
  • switch: Hi/Mid/Lo LED Rectangle Type
  • Wire length: 1500mm/59 inches.
  • Item weight: 1050g
  • Supported models: Universal.
  • Warranty : 1 year from the data of purchase
  • Country of origin : Made in Korea
  1. Universal fit for most cars. Please make sure your seat cover is removable before purchasing.
  2. Seats require air holes and can only be mounted on leather seats.
  3. Do not use the sheet with the cover fused into the foam.
  4. Although easy to install,
    Professional installation is highly recommended.


This product is designed to be installed according
to the shape of the vehicle's seat.